Laubach Genealogy

Budingen, Germany to Philadelphia, PA

The children of Christian and Suzanna were:

1. Johann Georg Laubach, Born 1726 in Budingen, died 1802, married Margaretha Jansen. Issue 12 children.

2. Johann Reinhart Laubach, born and died 1730 in Budingen.

3. Johanna Elizabeth Laubach, born 1731 in Budingen, died 1814, married Adam Kuchert. No issue.

4. Johann Reinhart Laubach, born 1733 in Budingen, died 1785, married Anna Margaretha Bayer (Boyer). Issue six children.

5. Johann Peter Laubach, born 1736 in Budingen, died after 1810, married Christina Birkenstock. Issue six children.

6. Christian Conrad Laubach, born 1737\1738, died 1813, married Catharine Hauck. Issue 10 children.

7. Johann Friederich Laubach, born 1744, died 1797, married Catharine Bitting. Issue seven children.



Military Service

On 29 August 1755 Johann Christian Laubach was appointed captain of a militia unit known as the "Saucon Rangers". This unit played an active role in protecting settlers during the French and Indian War until it was disbanded in 1761-1762. All five sons of Johann Christian and Susanna Catharina Laubach, and a number of their grandchildren, later served at various times in the Northampton County Militia during the Revolutionary War. A number of Laubach descendants currently hold membership in the DAR, SAR, Society of Colonial Wars, etc. based on this service.

Family Reunions

Over the years many Laubach family reunions were held to celebrate the 1738 arrival of the immigrant ancestors and renew bonds of kinship among descendants. From newspaper accounts in the 1900s, annual gatherings of descendants of local Laubach families began as early as 1913 when the descendants of Thomas and Amanda (Bliem) Laubach met at Howertown, PA. The first reunion of all descendants of Johann Reinhart Laubach occurred in August of 1916. By 1927, reunions were being held on an annual basis and officers had been elected to continue the family tradition. Recent reunions have taken place in 1988, celebrating the 250th year anniversary of the family's arrival in America. The most recent reunion was in 1993, celebrating the 255th anniversary, with the next one planned for the year 2000. In addition, regional reunions of smaller family groups are still held at several locations.

Published History of the Family

In 1993 a genealogical "History of the Johann Reinhart Family, the First Five Generations in America" was formally published. There is also a current "Supplement" to the History showing the names of descendants in generations 4 to 12. Appendix B of the History is entitled "Unidentified Laubachs" and lists several Laubach families whose names cannot be immediately related to, or identified with, the lineage of Johann Reinhart Laubach. Genealogical research is continuing to provide the linkage of these and other present-day Laubachs..

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Laubach Family Association

The Laubach Family Association (LFA) is governed by an Executive Board consisting of elected officers and directors. The following people are the current

The executive board meets formally twice a year, in the fall and spring, to conduct the business of the LFA. It is actively planning for the year 2011 reunion as well as continually updating the family genealogy with additional descendants. A summer family picnic is held to renew acquaintances and have fun, as well as to nominate and elect officers and directors for the ensuing year.

Membership in the LFA is open to any Laubach descendants. Yearly dues are $10.00 which includes the LFA quarterly newsletter.

Dues payable to the LFA, sent to Donald Hallman, 609 Hartranft Ave. Ft. Washington, PA. 19034.  Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number and email address (if applicable).

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The 1st Five Generations of Reinhart Laubach

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For Further Information or Questions:

If you already know that you are a Laubach descendant, or even suspect that you might be, the LFA would be very interested to hear from you.