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To provide for the continuing fellowship of all Laubachs, particularly descendants of Reinhart Laubach. To publish and distribute periodic newsletters or other material of interest to Laubachs. To foster continuing research and publish research papers on the history of the Laubach family, from early origins in Europe, through migrations to the New World, and to the present generations. Membership in the association shall be open to all persons interested in or related to the Reinhart Laubach family, including all variant spellings of the name. From Bylaws ---

Most of this information was probably obtained from talking to living relatives and from researching public records. In the course of doing this research, we've discovered that we have many more relatives than we ever thought possible!

This is a work in progress, so please contact us if you have any information that might help round out the picture.


History of the Johann Reinhart Family

The Book is $35 and the supplement is $15 on CD

In 1993 a genealogical "History of the Johann Reinhart Family, the First Five Generations in America" was formally published. There is also a current "Supplement" to the History showing the names of descendants in generations 4 to 12. Appendix B of the History is entitled "Unidentified Laubachs" and lists several Laubach families whose names cannot be immediately related to, or identified with, the lineage of Johann Reinhart Laubach. Genealogical research is continuing to provide the linkage of these and other present-day Laubachs..


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You can now search for your Laubach family ancestors on the official LFA Laubach genealogy "Descendants of Reinhart Laubach Compiled by the Laubach Family Association"